Committee Members

The Head in the Clouds symposium is organised by a strong group of students for students. Meet the members!

Manouk Hillebrand – Chair

“Hi there, I’m Manouk Hillebrand, the chair of the Symposium committee. My job in the committee is to organise and lead meetings so that we keep an overview of everything that needs to be done to organise a great day. I’m using my experience from my board year at S.A. Proto and past committees to make this Symposium great and informative day. I’m looking forward to creating a Symposium that can help shape the future of our students!”

Ruben Koole – Secretary

“Hey! My name is Ruben Koole and I am the secretary of the Symposium committee. This means, I take notes of our meetings so we can always see what we discussed previously. I have done a couple of other committees in the study association and use that experience in this committee. I am excited to make a super symposium with my fellow committee members!!”

Femke Jansen – Treasurer

“Hey, I am Femke. I graduated Creative Technology a few years back but am still active for S.A. Proto. This year I will be working as treasurer for the symposium committee, which means I keep an eye on where all the money is coming from and going towards. Together with my colleagues I am very excited to find interesting companies for everyone joining the symposium and to organise an amazing day. I am very curious to hear what the companies can tell us about the future of sustainability.”

Marleen van Gerner – Promotion

“Hi! I am Marleen and I am a second year CreaTe student.  After a whole corona year of online studying and not meeting new people, I decided that I wanted to get more involved with our study association, so I joined to Symposium committee. I am excited to see what we’ll be able to organise and hope for an interesting and insightful symposium!”


Famke van der Boom – General Member

“Hi, my name is Famke and I am the general member of the symposium committee. As a general member, I work on the more broad and non-function specific tasks. I am excited to organize a day where companies and students can get in touch with each other. Let’s cross the futuristic horizon together!”


Laura Schep – Board Responsible 

“Hi! My name is Laura Schep and I am the board responsible of the Symposium committee. My primary job is to be the connection between the committee and the board of our study association. Next to that I use my experience as Officer of External Affairs at Proto to contact companies. I am excited to create a day where we bring inspiring companies and motivated students together!”