This symposium is headed by a multidiciplinary group of motivated students of S.A. Proto. Meet them and see what they made your symposium experience special!

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Femke Jansen

Hi! My name is Femke Jansen and I am this years chairwoman and treasurer of the Symposium Committee. I loved joining the Symposium committee last year and organizing an amazing event for students and companies. This year we have a new theme which I am very excited to fill in with companies, lectures and workshop for everyone joining. Bringing students and companies together is always fun and I hope you will enjoy our symposium as much as we will!


Koen Vogel



“Hey! My name is Koen Vogel and I am the secretary of the Symposium committee. I love being organized, and my job within the committee is to keep track of our files, minutes and make sure everybody is able to do their function. Along with my fellow committee members, I also keep in contact with our partnering companies. Together, I hope we can coordinate an fantastic event, which inspires students and companies alike.


Marleen van Gerner


Hi! My name is Marleen van Gerner and I am responsible for the promotion of this years Symposium. I really enjoyed organising the Symposium last year and I am proud of what we managed to pull off, so I decided that I would like to stay in the committee for another year. The theme this year is quite different, so I am excited to see what we will be able to organise this year!


Ruben Koole


Hai! My name is Ruben Koole and I am the Logistics of the committee this year. Last year I was the secretary of the committee and I loved it. This time I want to look more at the logistics this nice event. I will make the planning of the day, a division of tasks and will ensure everything will run smoothly. This will be of course with the help of my fellow committee members, and I believe we can pull off a successful symposium!


Tristan van Marle


Hi! My name is Tristan van Marle and I am the board responsible of the committee. I am in charge of the connection between the board of S.A. Proto and the symposium committee. Furthermore, I help with contacting companies in my function as Officer of External Affairs. I am excited to organise a day where students and companies can come together and share their interests and knowledge in order to broaden their horizon and level up their life!


Bas van der Steenhoven

Hi. My name is Bas van der Steenhoven and I am a general member of the Symposium Committee. I help out wherever I can to support the other members of the committee and pick up tasks that are not specific to any member. I am looking forward to what we can put on the table and excited to organise this year’s symposium.

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