This Symposium is all about the future! Which technology developments can we expect? How can we contribute to a brighter future? What trends do companies have their eye on? The future is wide open and that’s why this day will feature companies who are talking about one of our four sub themes:

Cyber Security

Our world has become more and more digital over the last decades but what does that mean for the future? With everything online, it is important for to protect data well. This is where cyber security comes in! Cyber security is the complicated art of protecting computer systems and networks from hacking, damage and theft. It is something no companies can live without. So find out more about the future of Cyber security during the day!

User Experience Design

In the past decades, design has taken all sorts and forms and user experience design has become an essential part of many products and services. Clients have thoughts and opinions of their own but how can we shape that into the design they need? Let’s find out during the Symposium!


In 1954, the first digitally operated and programmable robot was invented. Since then we use robotics everywhere and the technology has evolved. So what is the next step in robotics? And how are we going to engineer this?


The earth has been the home to humans for a long time, but in the past years we have become increasingly worried about its future. Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. But what do you need to keep in mind when thinking about this topic? What will sustainable solutions look like in the future?